ORADIEX: A Big Data driven smart framework for real-time surveillance and analysis of individual exposure to radioactive pollution


Radiation pollution has been always a critical concern, since it can cause a huge damage to humans and for nature. To minimize the damage, governments are collecting and monitoring radiation level using advanced systems. In the past years, Big data technologies such as distributed file systems, NoSQL databases and stream... [Read More]

SSIS Foreach Loop vs For Loop Container

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In this article, first, we will briefly describe foreach loops and for loops. Then, we will give an overview of SSIS Foreach Loop Container and For Loop Container. Finally, we will compare these two containers.
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SSIS Script Component Overview

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SSIS Script component is a prominent strength of SQL Server Integration Services since it allows developers to implement any complex logic and utilize libraries from the powerful .NET framework or third-parties. In this article, we will give an overview of SSIS Script component, and illustrate the benefits of using it.... [Read More]